A group of Indian women will celebrate Singapore’s 50th anniversary in style – by having their pictures taken at 50 iconic locations around the island while wearing the sari.

“The sari has seen a surge in popularity in India, thanks to the designers’ modern interpretation of the dress and Bollywood actresses who often wear it at gala events,” said Ruby Shekar, who spun the idea of ’50 Sari Shades of Singapore’.


“I wanted to get Indians in Singapore interested in the sari too, and thought I could do so with social media,” said Shekhar, who started a Facebook page, Demure Drapes, last year to share her passion for saris and pictures of her friends in the colourful traditional attire.

“Then I thought that taking photographs of ladies in saris around Singapore would be a fun and meaningful way of celebrating Singapore’s 50th birthday as well as the beauty of the sari,” The Sunday Times quoted her as saying.

This article is written by Ruby Shekhar