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August 2015

Power Dressing: Indian Corporate Attire for Women

corporate attire

What do modern working women in India think about grooming for work? Does your sense of style have any impact on your career growth? How do Indian women adapt their personal style and wardrobe as they move up the career ladder?  Continue reading “Power Dressing: Indian Corporate Attire for Women”


Stylish Indian Saris Rock Singapore’s Jubilee Celebration



A group of Indian women will celebrate Singapore’s 50th anniversary in style – by having their pictures taken at 50 iconic locations around the island while wearing the sari. Continue reading “Stylish Indian Saris Rock Singapore’s Jubilee Celebration”

Show-Sensation: The new Fashion Lexicon


Trimming the fat is hardly a mantra that needs to be followed at fashion weeks, of all places, even in these straitened times. But with the recessionista having replaced the fashionista as the global chill hit haute couture, it was just a matter of time before “show-sentation” (a cross between a show and presentation) made its debut in the fashion lexicon. Continue reading “Show-Sensation: The new Fashion Lexicon”

The Showstopper Sari

Ally Matthan (left) and Anju Kadam started the 100 sari pact to encourage women to wear the sari more often.
Ally Matthan (left) and Anju Kadam started the 100 sari pact to encourage women to wear the sari more often

Every Sari has a Story to it, what’s yours?


Everyone loves sarees, whether it is a woman, or a man who loves to admire the fairer sex donning this elegant piece of cloth. Sarees are beautiful. But it is a garment that has lost its popularity over the years because of a number of reasons. While it looks elegant and sophisticated, it is hard to maneuver yourself in this cloth, in the hustle-bustle of the modern world. Continue reading “Every Sari has a Story to it, what’s yours?”

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